Wedding Organizing

Every event in our life made a special and memorable occasion. When we think about that, we must end up with sweet and cute memories alone. But it will not happen nowadays. Because they have taken all the burdens in their head. If we choose to do all the work as we know, then we have almost a chance to enjoy our special moments. For that reason, the event planner existed on your occasion. Our SKS event planner will provide you with the best event planning services without any tension. And we will create a positive vibe and we have a well trained and experienced team. We will manage all your guests. From a budget wedding to a luxury wedding, we manage every detail and create spectacular weddings.

Sri Kalyana Sundareswarar Wedding Planner in Chennai takes great pride in ensuring that the most important day of your life, your wedding day, is as perfect as possible. We ensure that you enjoy every second of your wedding day by taking full responsibility for the planning and execution of your event. You can rely on us to provide assistance on the day of your wedding or to plan and execute the entire event!

Weddings are not only a significant event in a family's life, but they are also a costly affair. It's tough to manage everything on your own with so many routines to follow and so many arrangements to make. Everything takes time, patience, and competence, from buying dresses to jewellery to arranging catering to planning the decoration theme. It is commonly acknowledged that not everyone has the luxury of taking care of everything. Are you planning a family wedding in Chennai? Simply contact us to discover how we can assist you.

We are not only planning and arranging weddings. We are here to help you to find a groom or bride as per your needs. We didn't charge initially to register your details. After finding your groom or bride then only we are charging our service charge. Like other matrimonial sites, we don't compel you to register or get any membership or assisted services. We will do everything manually and genuinely. When we get your details and needs we will search for a groom or bride based upon that if you are ok with that only then we will proceed to move further. We will search for your life partner as like finding for my family. We will promise you to give expected results with a short period. And we don't have any community or religious restrictions. We will work for all kinds of people. Your satisfaction is our success.

Choosing a wedding venue that met our expectations was not a priority a few years ago. With the young millennial age, however, the wedding site plays a significant role in making the wedding moments unique.

Finding the site that best meets your wedding vision, style, and budget is one of the first tasks in wedding preparation.

Because the number of wedding venue alternatives is now limitless, we can assist you in selecting your ideal setting. We provide you with a variety of venue options that will serve as the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life.

We also provide information on where to stay, where to have your ceremony, and where to have your reception. We work with venues to make sure you get the best offer possible.

SKS weddings, the best wedding planners in Chennai, are familiar with the different factors that go into selecting a wedding venue, such as location, size, amenities, power, approach, and limits, and can assist you in selecting the ideal wedding venue. Traditional Marriage Halls, Wedding Mandapams, Hotel Banquet Halls, Lawns, Resorts, Temples, and Beach Front can all be used as venues. SKS wedding planner will work hard to guarantee that your ideal wedding comes true.

SKS wedding planner will help you to find horoscope matches in the best astrologer. Not only horoscope matches, but we will also help you to decide the marriage date based upon groom and bride Rashi and nakshatra. It will provide you bright future without any hesitation.

Invitations and content that are unique to you. Your wedding invitation is similar to the first trailer for a blockbuster film, in that it will reveal your sense of style and personality.

SKS wedding planners help you choose wedding invites and party invitations that can be tailored to suit your wedding style, whether you're planning a small, basic wedding, a laid-back casual wedding, a destination wedding, a hip and modern wedding, or an over-the-top elegant wedding. SKS wedding planner will assist you in incorporating the above elements into your wedding invites. We also focus on bringing you styles, patterns, and perspectives that will portray your heartfelt affection. It is critical to communicate the message of love to all of our guests/relatives inviting them to attend the wedding event.

Beautiful, elegant wedding invitations with matching WhatsApp, email, MMS, social media Invitations and Wedding Websites are available.

Decoration has always been there in our Custom. With lights, drapery, balloons, and flower decorations transform the location into a wonderful environment. We always enjoy and are glad to see a well-adorned site, whether it is our home, temple, or street. It is self-evident that any Indian wedding will include opulent wedding decorations at both the venue and the home. The top wedding planners in Chennai, SKS wedding planner, brings you exclusive decorations such as Thematic Wedding Decorations, Floral Wedding Decorations, Color Themes, Glitter Night Weddings, Church Wedding Decorations, Dining Table Drapes and Centre Pieces, Christian Wedding Aisle Decorations, Dual Decoration for Muslim Weddings, Nuptial Decorations, Beach Wedding Decorations, and Home Decorations. SKS wedding planners can develop a distinct style and feel for all wedding events such as engagement, sangeet, Mehandi, Muhurtham, Bachelor party, and Reception based on our experience.

With your choice of colour, theme, and wedding decorations, our professional wedding decorators in Chennai will help you to make a wonderful feel for your wedding guests. SKS wedding decorators can help you with modern ideas and budget-friendly wedding decorations that fit your style and needs. Wedding decoration themes such as regal, fantasy, or romantic can give richness and grandeur to your reception stage decorations. Stick to a theme or mix and match - the choice is yours, and our wedding decorators will create completely individualised wedding decorations for you. The wedding decorations will undoubtedly make your special day one-of-a-kind.

To leave guests awestruck, serve delectable and authentic foods of any kind. Catering for a wedding is an important consideration. Indian weddings are often lavish occasions, with the food being one of the most memorable components. The magnificent feast at weddings is the most talked about, even years after the event has passed. It's critical to plan wedding catering and wedding menus ahead of time and to strive to meet everyone's needs. Looking at a vast list of wedding caterer meals might be overwhelming, so we'll help you narrow it down.

Stick to a classic menu, offer a multi-cuisine spread, or surprise your guests with something fresh and different – the option is yours, and our catering services will make it happen. Wherever you go in our country, the first question will almost always be? Did you eat anything? Do you want something right now? This statement demonstrates how essential food is in our culture. The value of offering meals to visitors was also emphasised in our ancient poetry. As a result, the most significant part of a wedding that expresses our love and affection is food. We at SKS Wedding planner are well-versed in the tastes, and styles that must be followed in any wedding, and have come up with a diverse choice of menu options ranging from traditional to international platters.

Choose live counters and serve your guests sizzling hot stir-fried vegetables and nibbles that are created to order. Their palette will be piqued not just by the food, but also by the manner and presentation.

Our wedding catering services include the following:

  • Every function requires a unique and theme-based cuisine and catering. Sangeet, Nalangu, Bantakal, Mehndi, Engagement, Reception, Muhurtham are some of the wedding traditions.
  • Catering for a reception buffet based on a specific theme, such as street cuisine, ancient food, village food, and so on.
  • For every session, a menu card can be provided for each guest. For every 20 guests, one supervisor, including a floor manager, can be provided.
  • All guests will have access to food counters at any time, including coffee, tea, milk, snacks, and juice.
  • For all sessions, a kid-friendly meal will be offered (min 50 pax at least to be guaranteed)

Capture and immortalise the unforgettable moments of your most memorable day while staying within your budget.

Wedding photos and videos are the most crucial and significant elements that help people remember and delight about their special day after years have passed. Professional photographers with decades of experience in capturing wedding moments work with SKS wedding planners.

Every marriage necessitates the use of wedding photography and videography. Capture real moments, honest emotions, beauty, and film your important day as it organically develops with our wedding photography and videography package. Your wedding day will be full of excitement and emotion, and it will pass you by almost as fast as it began. All you'll have left are amazing memories and photographs recorded by top-notch wedding photography and videography to commemorate one of life's most memorable days. For your wedding, choose between artistic wedding photos, candid wedding photography, and world-class wedding albums.

Record your wedding, pre-wedding festivities, post-wedding events, wedding reception, get-together party, Mehandi, and home customs in style, creating one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, and inspiring wedding photos. We assist you in capturing those special moments with world-class wedding photography and videography techniques that you will treasure for a lifetime.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom are the centres of attention, and they should look stunning in their bridal dresses and cosmetics. With silk sarees and magnificent jewels, the Indian bride is the embodiment of colour and glitter.

We assist both the bride and groom in locating the greatest beauty packages as well as wedding apparel and jewellery for their special day. It takes a lot of time and effort to shop for the wedding trousseau. We will assist you with your pre-wedding shopping and make it a pleasurable experience for you.

The most unforgettable event in everyone's life is their wedding. As a result, the bride and groom must professionally present themselves on the wedding day. We at SKS wedding planner, Chennai's leading wedding planners, feel that natural skin glow and native cosmetics are the most stunning options for bringing out the charm in your face and complexion on your wedding day. We have a great working relationship with some of the most prominent wedding beauticians and bridal salons to bring out your natural beauty on your wedding day.

Nowadays, reception garlands have different varieties with different colours. Based upon your need we will arrange the best garland for both reception and marriage. Reception garland can be customisable as per bride and groom needs.

DJ, live music, a dance performance, and more activities will keep the party going all night. Having entertainment alternatives will ensure that your guests remember your wedding. We can assist you in planning wedding entertainment that will engage your guests and make them feel like they are a part of the festivities.

The need to entertain guests at events such as sangeets, weddings and receptions has long been recognised by SKS wedding planners. We worked with industry-leading emcees to construct several activities and exciting games that were specifically customised to the wedding's requirements. Our guests have a variety of options, as illustrated below.

master of ceremonies,

  • DJing
  • Live music sound
  • Puppet shows
  • magic performances
  • bride and groom have any unique entries
  • games and vendor booths
  • lighting and dancing floors

For muhurtham, we will also organize the best nadhaswaram group to make a special occasion as the best moment.

Everyone indeed enjoys receiving things with lots of love! In each Indian wedding, a typical sentiment is to welcome guests warmly, keep them pleased, reciprocate their gestures, and shower them with gifts.

We at SKS wedding planner can assist you in selecting presents and favours for all of your events, which are carefully chosen and packed stylishly.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Packs of Wedding Seers
  • Thamboolam bags come in a variety of styles.

Organizing and managing wedding accommodations is a difficult task. It necessitates a great deal of planning and coordination. Staying at a wedding is an integral element of the celebration. Give your visitors a comfortable stay and a stress-free experience by allowing us to assist you in booking the appropriate lodging for your wedding guests. SKS wedding planner can assist you with booking hotels in bulk for your out-of-town guests, as well as wedding lodging near your wedding site - a kind welcome present for your visitors.

We assist you in making significant savings by providing the best available pricing for your wedding accommodation arrangements. We provide a memorable stay in a serviced apartment or a star hotel room, ensuring that everyone enjoys the big day.

SKS wedding planner also offers you to register your marriage on the marriage day itself or also on your preferred day. We will do all the formalities, the groom, bride and their parents reach the registration office for signing purposes only. SKS wedding planner will organize everything to register your marriage through your I'd and address proof details. SKS wedding planner gives a guarantee to get a marriage certificate and it is our responsibility since you get your registration certificate in your hand.

As a pair, go to the holiest of temples and feel blessed. Choose from a variety of Tamilnadu temples, Tirupati Tirumala, kalahasti tour packages, and we'll provide you with a wonderful experience that will make your vacation unforgettable.

If you want to arrange a marriage in Tirupati Tirumala temple or Tamilnadu temple we will provide that service too. SKS wedding planner arranges all accommodation, mandapas, and darshan facilities also. Separate temple visit, accommodation and Darshan package also available.

SKS wedding planner provides you with all kinds of vehicles with an affordable package. For wedding planning, transport plays a vital role so we will satisfy your needs throughout your occasion. After marriage, we will provide you temple packages with transport facilities it is purely based upon your need.

Exclusive national and international honeymoon packages are designed to make your honeymoon days unforgettable in every way.

You deserve a moment for yourself and your very personal celebration, together with the most important person in your life, after all the fun and magnificent moments of a wedding celebration. We can assist you in reserving a Wedding Night suite of your choice. Choose from a range of suites - standard, premium, and luxury - and savour life's romantic moments.

Make Your Honeymoon a Memorable Experience. Choose from a variety of honeymoon packages, including mountain hikes, palm-fringed beaches, back waterways, castle hotels, adventure vacations, and more. We can help you select, customize, and book your ideal honeymoon, whether it's domestic or international. Countless Memories!

We build wedding packages based on your requirements and budget to guarantee that you enjoy every moment of your wedding without burning a hole in your purse, whether you are searching for ultra high end or budget wedding planners in Chennai.

Before commencing on the challenge of selecting a wedding planner, every client has a budget in mind and considers the wedding planner cost in Chennai. To make things easier for such clients, there are various budget wedding planners in Chennai, such as ourselves, who are willing to work within their means. How is that even possible? We do, however, have relationships with a variety of service providers, including wedding venues, entertainment performers, honeymoon trip operators, and so on. This will ensure that the clients receive a substantial reduction, allowing them to stick to their budget. We offer bundles to make things easier for our customers. Customized packages are also available for those who want to pick and choose whatever services they need.

Whether you're planning a low-budget wedding or a lavish affair, get in contact with us right away. A conversation with one of our representatives will provide an overview of the services available, and clients will undoubtedly be impressed by the extremely low charges.

Furthermore, people have all sorts of wild ideas on how to arrange a wedding, but they have no idea how to achieve it. It's here that wedding planners like us can help. We are event management professionals with innovative ideas to make any wedding unique and extraordinary. We relieve our clients of the stress of wedding planning, preparation, and execution, allowing them to relax and enjoy their most memorable day.

We assist our clients in selecting a wedding venue, clothes, accessories, cuisine, and other aspects of the planning process. People find it challenging to make quick selections when they are short on time due to a lack of awareness of various options. However, because we are specialists in our field, we can assist you. However, because we are specialists in our field, we can assist them in making all judgments.

We are specialised in weddings. And we will do other events also like birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies, puberty function, house or office inauguration. For any special occasions, feel free don't be tense we will provide you with the best services as much as you like. Enjoy your occasion with your lovable ones. Because it was your day