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Engagement is a lovely gift that one can keep for the rest of one's life. The wedding ceremony started with an engagement. "This small ring symbolises a memorable time for the bride and groom, as it symbolises the ruling of the world with mutual support." Engagement is the pinnacle of a relationship, love, and happiness, after which everything else is a downhill slope. Beautiful ceremonies and lavish parties are hallmarks of Indian marriages. Furthermore, they are performed in a highly traditional manner to remember a variety of ancient Vedic ceremonies. It has elevated the marriage system, which is one of life's most significant occurrences.

In many cultures, the engagement ceremony is a pre-wedding ceremony that is a significant aspect of the wedding. This is a significant ceremony since it represents the beginning of the beautiful journey that is marriage.

In Indian tradition, one of the most important events to honour females is the puberty function.

HAfter her birthday, it is the most important occasion for a girl. This wonderful party is well-deserved by the parents' hearts. It's a function when parents may demonstrate their affection for their daughters and how much they care about her. SKS wedding and Event planner are dependable event planners who provide the ideal celebration idea for a half-saree ceremony as well as a stage design that suits your preferences. Our lovely stage decorations will win everyone's hearts and make the function a lot of fun. Unlike a wedding, preparing a puberty celebration function is more difficult; it must be simple while being a charming ceremony.

Anniversaries are a wonderful time to reminisce about happy times past, express gratitude to your partner, demonstrate your love, and strengthen your commitment. Reflecting on your time together as a couple, whether it's your first year or your fiftieth, can fill you with inspiration and affection on this special day. But, despite the excitement, the pressure is on to plan this wonderful day. But don't worry; We will provide you with all of the necessary resources to plan and organise your anniversary. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your special day is as memorable as possible. At your anniversary celebration, you will receive everything you desire.

We understand that you want your anniversary celebration to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sangeet and Mehndi functions are combined to save time and resources while lowering individual function prices. The bridesmaids usually attend the bridal Mehendi, and everyone takes part in picking their Mehendi designs, which include a variety of Indian and Arabic styles. Surprisingly, Mehndi is associated with a variety of themes. It is thought, for example, that the darker a bride's Mehndi is, the more her husband will adore her. During the ceremony, it is also common to keep the bride and groom's names hidden. One of the most vibrant and enjoyable aspects of an Indian wedding is the sangeet.

Music is considered the lifeblood of a wedding ceremony in most Hindu cultures, and the Sangeet celebration is no different, with happy dancing and singing set to live music.

Professional singers who can perform both popular movie songs and traditional wedding songs are typically invited to perform at this important Indian pre-wedding function.

We genuinely want to build our own home that meets our own requirements. After the final output, which is after building our ideal house, it's time for the housewarming function, which is an announcement that your dream house has been completed and you're ready to share your delight with your family and friends. This housewarming occasion necessitates a precise method that allows all visitors to recollect the event's plans. We've even had support from the function backpacks, and we've impressed the visitors to the point where we've been asked to organise numerous additional housewarming parties. We've even had referrals from the event hosts, and we've wowed the guests enough that we've been asked to organise more events.

As the valued Alumni Event Organizer for hundreds of schools, we have a strong awareness of their pain issues, and we found it to be the one-stop solution to address all of them. Institutions like schools and colleges benefit from the variety of quality standards that we help you with, as well as the ongoing support that we provide. Regular institution reunions not only maintain the organization's contact with its alumni but also help management to identify alumni students who have improved their skills and broadened their abilities. That's why the student-university tie often persists after graduation, and why in-person meetings that bring people from similar backgrounds together help to foster it.

Indeed, 48% of alumni experts believe that their clubs, chapters, and reunions have a "significant" or "some" impact on alumni participation.

Various Social Institutions and Communities accomplish their social obligations by hosting a variety of social activities that allow members to interact with one another and grow socially in terms of relationship building. Any blunder in conducting a social event can lead to a lot of criticism for society and management, which can become a delicate problem. As a result, events like these must be well-managed, procedural, and accompanied by all necessary paperwork. Many social institutions and groups require their events to be especially creative and imaginative in light of these circumstances and situations. It contributes to their society members' increased engagement, and the occasion is unforgettable. SKS wedding and event planner's experienced and mature management fully comprehends this demand for Social Events, as well as the importance of organising the programme with zero errors. These events are efficiently managed with fresh ideas and original planning, as well as top-notch management skills. We thoroughly grasp the requirements through a brief talk, careful preparation, and professional execution of the event with a highly trained technical team and personal supervision under any financial, time, or location constraints.

When it comes to election season, any leader has a slew of obligations and responsibilities, all of which must be completed within a short period of time. During an election, a lack of accurate information, time, and a technically qualified crew can result in massive devastation, as well as partial results. A substantial amount of office work, Rallies, public meetings, other field operations, and promotion of the leader's policies are all part of political events. SKS Wedding and Event management team has extensive expertise managing a variety of political events ranging from grassroots to high-end. We have a quick discussion with the candidate about the requirements, followed by a complete proof of organised planning. It assures that the services provided to the candidate are kept private and confidential. We meet the political event obligation with personal supervision and zero error philosophy, as well as highly trusted and specialised personnel.

Hair tonsuring ceremony is traditionally followed in many regions. Hair from birth is thought to be linked to negative qualities from previous lifetimes. As a result, the youngster is newly shaved at the time of the mundan, symbolising emancipation from the past and a move into the future. The juttu, a tuft at the crown of the head, is also considered to safeguard the memory. Mundan purifies and cleanses the Little One of all the negative aspects of previous lives. Shaving is also recommended by Ayurveda as a treatment for ringworm and lice. However, shaving the Little1's head can make parents nervous because it can result in head traumas and wounds. Both of these factors contributed to the creation of the mundan ritual. Indians believe that with divine blessings, all fears will vanish.

There are a few other myths about the commonplace ritual.

  • It makes the infant less fussy when they are teething and ensures that they live a long life.
  • It promotes healthy hair growth.
  • The nerves in the brain development and function better.
  • The youngster is guarded against the evil eye.

If a tonsured head is exposed to sunshine, a fully clothed newborn may produce Vitamin D more quickly. Baby would also pull its own hair, which would become matted and tangle in her fingers, causing her pain. Having a mundan made for my kid also assisted in the removal of its cradle cap. Because the hair grows out uniformly, it may appear fuller and healthier following the baby's initial tonsure. Some religions just do mundan to commemorate a baby's first birthday. The significance is to bring parents' attention to their children's mental and spiritual development, as well as to keep society informed about the child's progress.

A retirement party is an exciting undertaking that honours the special guest's long-term career achievements while also celebrating their future endeavours in one life milestone. Retirement parties are frequently hosted by the retiree's family or sponsored by the retiree's previous employer. SKS wedding and Event planner have organised retirement parties as per the trend. Nothing makes a retiree happier than learning more about the guest of honour’ dedication and career accomplishments from their children and grandchildren. Nothing melts a coworker's heart more than seeing the honoured guest surrounded by the proud family they have catered for. A guest list for a retirement party should include former coworkers as well as professional contacts outside the company, such as vendors and salespeople from various offices. The retirement party should have a theme that reflects the retiree's personality, as well as activities and decorations that are related to the retiree's industry or job role. A retirement party centred on one or more of the retiree's favourite activities will be the perfect kick-off to their retirement plans for retirees aiming for a life of leisure after retirement. The small details can go a long way toward recognising the honoured visitor. A slideshow of photos contributed by loved ones and coworkers projected in the background can make guests feel unique throughout the party. Retirement is bittersweet since it shuts one door and allows the retiree to reap the benefits of their hard work while they move on to the next chapter. Retirement, on the other hand, can often include relocating and saying goodbye to important persons they used to see on a daily basis. When throwing a retirement celebration, make sure to present attendees with the retiree's social media contact information so that everyone can stay in touch. The wedding and event planners at SKS can assist you in planning a memorable retirement celebration based on any theme.

Shastipoorthi Ceremony is usually celebrating a man's 60th birthday with his wife. It's like a combination of birthday and marriage. Mostly it was planned on a famous temple and it is named Tirukadaiyur. SKS Wedding planner made an arrangement for that ceremony also. Not only in that temple we also organised events in an elegant way that the client exactly expected. Customer Satisfaction and making a day a truly lovable memory is our SKS wedding and Event planner goal.