Birthday Party organizing

We are one of Chennai's fastest-growing Birthday Party Organisers, specialising in Theme Birthday Decorations with a wide range of entertainment alternatives. We are also one of the best birthday event planners in Chennai and one of the best birthday party planners in Chennai. We are the leading balloon decorators in Chennai for all types of birthday celebrations, providing affordable balloon decorations for birthday parties at home.

SKS wedding planner is a top children's birthday party planner in Chennai and one of the best birthday party planners in the country, offering Birthday Party Packages, Birthday Decorations, Birthday Planners, and Party Organisers throughout the city.

Enticing theme-based parties can make a wonderful day even more delightful. This is why we provide birthday parties with distinctive and exciting themes to help you get in the mood for your birthday celebrations. We include the most up-to-date ideas into our party themes.

Boys and girls have different interests, so our topics change. We occasionally indulge your tiny princesses and knights in subjects that share a common interest for them when they are in a harmonious unity.

We specialise in unicorn birthday themes, baby boy birthday themes, baby girl birthday themes, jungle theme birthday decoration, mickey mouse birthday theme, frozen theme birthday decoration, boss baby birthday theme, rainbow birthday theme, minions birthday theme, Peppa pig birthday theme, animal theme birthday cake, baby shark birthday theme, butterfly theme birthday, jungle-themed birthday, Backdrop in theme, Stage mat in theme.

Some special themes especially for boys like Mottu Patlu theme, Bal Ganesh theme, Bahubali theme, Chotta Bheem theme, Cars theme, Dinosaurs theme, Doraemon theme, Elephant theme, Finding Nemo theme, Football Theme, Cricket theme, Ninja Hattori theme, Ice age theme, Kung Fu Panda theme, Superman, Spiderman, Batman theme, Avengers theme, Little Krishna theme, Schinchan theme, Boss baby theme, Blue theme, Mickey mouse theme.

Some special themes are categorised for girls like Barbie girl theme, angry birds themes, Alice in Wonderland theme, aeroplane theme, Dora Buji theme, candy land theme, beauty and the beast theme, butterflies in the garden theme, candy land theme, Dave and Ava theme, Cocomelon theme Fairyland theme, Little Princess theme, Infobells theme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme, Moon theme, Star theme, Galaxy theme, Flower theme, Mermaid theme. We also do customisable themes based on your needs.

We also arrange a cake table and properties, Baby name decoration in 2 feet theme, Entrance decoration, Welcome board, Chalkboard, Photo Collage, One-year baby growth of video making, LED lights, Fairy bulbs, Elegant balloon decoration, Party accessories.

Choosing a Birthday party venue is the first thing. When we find the best venue it will create the best and enjoyable moments.

However, for the young millennial age, the birthday site is crucial in making the birthday moment unique. SKS wedding planner, the best birthday party planner in Chennai, understand the different aspects involved in choosing the birthday party venue, such as location, size, facilities, power, approach, constraints, and so on, and can assist you in selecting the perfect birthday party venue. Traditional party Halls, Mandapams, Hotel Banquet Halls, Lawns, Resorts, and BeachFront can be used as venues.

We can help you choose birthday party invitations that can be tailored to suit your birthday party style, whether you're planning a small, basic party, a laid-back casual birthday party, a destination birthday party, a beach resort birthday etc.

Beautiful, designer birthday party invitations with matching WhatsApp invites are available.

SKS wedding planner is the number one birthday decorator in Chennai. Birthday decorations, such as stage decorations, theme decorations and venue decorations, play a significant role in creating a lasting impression about your birthday. SKS wedding planner provides stunning and unique decorations that are in line with the birthday event's colours and theme. The birthday decorating is in charge of establishing the tone for your birthday. Everything is here, from exquisite and modest flower birthday decorations to fascinating theme birthday decors.

Birthday party catering is an essential component of any party. Birthday parties are often lavish occasions, with the food being one of the most memorable components. The extravagant meal, non-veg especially biryani is the most talked about, even years after the celebration. It's critical to consider birthday party catering, menus, and trying to meet everyone's needs. Looking at a vast list of caterer meals might be overwhelming, and we can help you cut it down.

Stick to a classic menu, have a multi-cuisine spread, or offer your guests something fresh and different - the option is yours, and our catering services will make it a reality.

Birthday photography and videography are crucial aspects of every moment. Capture real moments, honest emotions, beauty, and film your important day as it organically develops with our photography and videography package. Your Event day will be full of excitement and emotion, and it will end just as soon as it begins. All you'll have to recall one of the most important days of your life are the amazing memories and photographs shot by the best-in-class photography and videography. For your birthday party, you can choose between artistic photos, candid photography, and world-class albums.

We will make your video based on your baby photos. And we will move your party in live stream on our YouTube channel.

Birthday cake plays an important role in the birthday party. Based on the party theme, we will customize the birthday cake. Everyone remembers their friends' and family' birthdays and celebrates them with the nicest birthday cakes. If, on the other hand, that particular friend is more special than others, you must demonstrate this to him or her. Believe it or not, love and compassion are not sensations you should hold close to your heart. These are the feelings you should express to your loved ones. So, the next time your birthday comes around, make it a memorable occasion.

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts! Welcoming guests warmly, keeping them happy, thanking them, and showering them with presents is a prevalent sentiment at any Birthday party Event.

We at SKS Wedding planner assist you in selecting presents especially for kids and favours for any occasion - carefully chosen and beautifully packed.

SKS wedding planners have a variety of entertainment alternatives that will make your birthday party a memorable event for your guests. We assist you in providing exciting birthday entertainment like magic shows, games, live music, and dance for your guests, allowing them to become a vital part of your celebrations.

Dance is an art form that gives joy and life into one's life. Professional dancers who are well-trained and skilled in all types of dances are available. Flash mobs are a new addition to dance that has exploded in popularity in a short period of time.

If you're having a party or a Sangeeth, a dance floor is a necessary if you're having a DJ and music. We ensure that your dance floor is welcoming, safe, and elegant.

Traditional print images have become a specialty as a result of digital photography. We have photo booths where guests may take images and have them printed right away.

No matter how old we get, magic acts keep us enthralled. Magic performances and magicians pulling rabbits from hats are often a hit at children's birthday parties. We bring in well-known magicians and professionals who can dazzle even the most jaded of audiences.

Tattoos are popular among children and teenagers because they are colourful and attractive. Tattoo artists are sent in to create stunning designs and pictures on your skin.

Nail polishes are a girl's addiction. Nail art is something that every female obsesses about. To make our princesses happy, we add this function to our entertainment aspect.

Face art is defined as the application of colourful images and arts to your face in order to make you appear more intriguing. If you're not ready to get your face painted, you can try your hand at painting the faces of others.

Photographs are unique, but caricatures are very personal to us and have a special place in our hearts. We have professional caricaturists on staff who can draw your caricature in a matter of minutes.

The addition of large balloon structures to your location will make it more appealing and vibrant. Nowadays, a balloon structure is required to give your event a big appearance.

We have been a prominent birthday party decorator in Chennai, providing customers. Our Decorators, as the name suggests, is one of the main decoration management companies in Chennai. We are glad to state that we have mastered it. SKS wedding planners have long been a love of ours. We enjoy what we do and plan to continue doing it for many years to come. We aim to be known for our impeccable production work and creative flair.

Birthday parties, without a doubt, are occasions when we all let our hair down and have a good time. Most importantly, your birthday party celebration should be as one-of-a-kind as you are, and we understand that better than anyone. Most significantly, Our Decorators specialises in meeting all of your indoor and outdoor birthday party décor demands. We don't just throw a birthday celebration for you; we throw your party - We will decorate exactly what you want foryour party, whether it is a kids birthday party or an adult birthday party. If necessary, we may also guide birthday party ideas.

Above all, whether it's a half-birthday, first-birthday, kids', teen's, or adult's birthday party, we're experts in many types of theme décor to fit the occasion. The members of the team are specifically trained to combine originality at every stage of the event and may make it the talk of the town.

Every party is thoroughly planned by the SKS wedding planner to ensure that it is a success. We are pleased to provide you with a personalized plan for your birthday party celebration based on your needs, budget, and other requirements.

Meanwhile, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding who we are or what we do. Finally, we are available 7 days a week for any questions or suggestions you may have, and we would be delighted to help you with your SKS wedding planner.