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SKS Wedding and Event Planner

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We Uphold the Following Values

  • Fascination
  • Individuality
  • Fixed Timeline
  • Dedication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Eminences

SKS Wedding and Event Planner is a wedding and event planning company situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu, whose main purpose is to create the most unique events ever seen. Our expertise is in paying close attention to the smallest details to generate high-quality events while staying within budget constraints. Throughout Tamilnadu and South India, we plan weddings and other events such as corporate, social parties, political management, birthday celebrations, product launches, and inaugurations. To make your event more unforgettable, we have highly qualified employees and providers.

"Any Budget Event - Any Blockbuster Event = We Make the Special Moment and Dream Occasion Come True," has been our motto since the beginning.

We believe in delivering personalised service and on-the-ground support for events at every level, so you can be assured that we will treat your wedding as if it were our own, allowing you to relax and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones. SKS Wedding and Event Planning were founded in January of 2007. Due to this development of technology, we are also upgrading our company through a digital medium. To date, we have successfully served about 500+ clients in both the B2B and B2C segments. In the B2B and B2C segments, the company serves approximately 60+ clients per year.

We have a strong network of vendors in all of India's main cities, giving you an advantage when arranging your wedding with us. We intend to make your dream event memorable not only for you but also for your guests under our supervision, which includes invitation printing, venue selection, cuisine, photography, gifts for your cherished guests, and amazing wedding themes. We do whatever it takes to make your BIG DAY personalised and a reflection of your taste, whether it's a little or large wedding or any other event such as Corporates, Seminars, Product Launches, Inauguration Ceremonies, and so on. "High Quality in Work, Affordable Price, Genuine and Transparency in Relationships" is our company's motto.

Our Goals

To be a client-centric, innovative event management firm that provides dependable and trustworthy services to consumers regardless of budget, location, or time constraints. The company's main focus is on timely delivery of guaranteed services, not as an event company, but as a family member who chooses to take on as much pain and responsibility as a family member.



Our Planning Process

With the finest precision and extensive documentation, we design, produce, evaluate, and create events for our clients.

  • Initial Consultation and Discussion
  • Visits to the venue and discussions about the requirements
  • Estimation of the budget and the creation of a master plan
  • Master Plan Improvements and Discussion
  • Confirmation and Execution of the Services Discussed

Why SKS Wedding and Event planner?

Learn about our most important features and how we work.

We've been the highly regarded title in terms of creating beautiful events for you, regardless of whether it's a large fat wedding, a standardised corporate occasion, Get together in social events, celebrating your big day full of work achievements- a retirement day, or celebrating joy and memories in a birthday party, We know how to make it ideal and perfect for you. Our work experience, quality, and originality let us plan engagingly and intriguingly.


Our experts and team have worked hard to create a strategy for your event that is tailored to your taste and budget. The highlights that we adhere to maintain the event's standard and integrity are listed below:

  • Respected and reputable Event management as a one-stop-shop
  • Structured Working Methodology
  • On-time delivery with a dependable crew
  • Concentrate on newer notions, ideas, and concepts.
  • A strong network allows you to offer a wide range of specialities from other cities.
  • Supervision of Individuals
  • Effortless Events
  • 100% on-time delivery of scheduled services
  • Well Trained planning management


Mr S. Parthiban, CEO and Founder

He founded SKS Wedding and Event Planner, and it is through his vision that the organisation can give quality and dependable services. The event industry is the primary cause of the company's formation. The main issue is that the event industry is unorganised, and events include numerous components that buyers are unaware of and do not bother to learn about. It is because of his vision that every employee in the organisation is required to provide accurate detailing to clients as well as to define everything by providing a suitable Break-Down Structure of each service supplied so that everything is transparent and clear from the first meetings.

He is the one that engages in a long dialogue with the client, understands their expectations, and prepares a complete comprehensive project under any budget, venue, and time requirement with services from the most trusted Vendors at SKS wedding and event planners. He also guarantees that the services discussed are supplied on schedule and that they are carried out under his supervision. He ensures that the plan is ideal and excellent from every viewpoint, and he also leads the entire team by physically being on the field and ensuring that everything is done in an ERROR-FREE METHOD.

Mrs. G. Vijayalakshmi Sekhar, Quality director

Without ensuring that the event's quality is up to par, it is a waste of time. Everything that is used is of the highest quality. The director of SKS wedding and Event Planner Mrs. G.Vijayalakshmi Sekhar is in charge of all of this top-quality management. She has had a strong interest in innovative business since the beginning, and her layouts and imaginations continue to astound her at every event. SKS Wedding and Event Planner's quality control variable in layouts, decorations, and other aspects is maintained by Viajayalakshmi Sekhar under her supervision. On the day of the event, She also serves as the Coordinator.



Mrs. S. S. Nivetha Parthiban and Miss. Gokulavani N.T , Innovation directors.

When it comes to the ideal mix for running a business, a combination of experience and current technology is required if we are to stay competitive. NivethaParthiban and Gokulavani overlook elements such as youthful vitality, new technology, and the utilisation of modern techniques and a lot of experience with digital marketing, which puts to good use for SKS Wedding and Event planner and helps them meet their clients' needs for a dependable and trustworthy event company.

They are the ones who understand and research the needs and make sure it is implemented correctly so that clients get exactly what they have demanded whenever there is an innovative demand aside from the traditional requirement, whether it is a unique decoration, preparing the 3D model of the venue for the event day, a new style of the guest entrance, etc. They also adhere to the vision of SKS wedding and event planners, ensuring that everything is carried out efficiently and without errors. Traditional functions such as weddings have a lot of traditional functions that females have to cope with. SKS wedding and event planners' female directors discuss with female members of the customer since women are more comfortable with themselves and have a different perspective. On the day of the event, they also serve as the coordinator. Furthermore, they allocate and manage female artists, as well as coordinate with them on the event day.

Furthermore, on the day of the event, they coordinate with the suppliers and ensure that everything is organised and implemented in advance. They are also important touchpoints for answering clients' questions on the day of the event.